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I have started this moderated sub-forum @ EUREKATRONICS™ in order to present for discussion Black thinkers from all walks of life - from academics and other professional intellectuals to intelligent black teenagers - who do not follow the "politically correct", "woke" line of thought.

There are a lot of them, and I find more every day.

These are people that I view as independent minds who are interested in finding real solutions to problems, who are interested in facts, reason, nuance and civil discussion, and reject knee-jerk reaction.

I personally may agree in whole or just in part with these thinkers' views, but I think too many people are unaware of these minds and their views, and I know that they are often mischaracterized and demeaned by their opponents instead of engaged with intellectually.

This forum is not currently accepting comments (so I guess you could say that it's not yet a forum). I'm waiting on the forum owner, Prodos, to clarify the policy rules that will keep this forum civil and constructive in this time of Postmodern madness.

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Note from PRODOS:
  • You can reach this project/sub-forum or direct friends to it using BlackThinkersMatter.com
  • That address will redirect to the main page of this sub-forum.
  • To write to Barboo or to me with comments or questions please click the tab at the very top that says "Contact us".
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The minds who appear in the videos on this forum, include:
  1. Bob Woodson
  2. Maj Toure
  3. Charles Blain
  4. Pastor James David Manning
  5. Shelby Steele
  6. Juliette Ochieng
  7. Pauline Chilton
  8. Jason Riley
  9. Allen B. West
  10. Ayaan Hirsi Ali
  11. Samantha Marika1
  12. Isaiah Washington
  13. Benji Irby
  14. Candace Owens
  15. A Man on the Street
  16. Carol Swain
  17. Brandon Tatum
  18. Larry Elder
  19. Clarence Mason Weaver
  20. Taleeb Starkes
  21. Dr. Ben Carson
  22. Rob Smith
  23. Mark Lutchman
  24. Terrence K. Williams
  25. David J. Harris
  26. Morgan Freeman and Other Celebrities
  27. David Webb
  28. A Trump Supporter (name unknown)
  29. Damani Bryant Felder
  30. Some Black Guy aka Derrick Pilot
  31. Condoleezza Rice
  32. A Marine Veteran
  33. A Police Officer
  34. Jericho Green
  35. Bevelyn Beatty
  36. Jasmyne Contours
  37. Chloe Valdary
  38. Antonia Okafor
  39. Zuby
  40. Tommy Sotomayo
  41. Joel Patrick
  42. Peggy Hubbard
  43. Kingface
  44. John R. Wood
  45. Just Thinking Out Loud (Desi-Rae)
  46. Ayishat Akanbi
  47. Coleman Hughes
  48. Glenn Loury
  49. Ian Rowe
  50. John McWhorter
  51. Jamil Jivani
  52. Aba and Preach
  53. Morgan Freeman
  54. Denzel Washington
  55. Lil Wayne
  56. Leo Terrell
  57. Daryl Davis
  58. Walter Williams
  59. David Clarke
  60. Bob Parks
  61. Marva Collins
  62. Inaya Folarin Iman
  63. Eric July, aka Young Rippa
  64. Thomas Sowell
  65. Kmele Foster
  66. Officer Jakhary Jackson
  67. Wilfred Reilly
  68. Jason Hill
  69. Latasha Fields
  70. Toni McIlwain
  71. Burgess Owens
  72. Shemeka Michelle
  73. Chandler Crump
  74. Shekina Ruth Geist
  75. Vernon Jones
  76. Erec Smith
  77. Billy Prempeh
  78. Lawrence Jones
  79. Frederick Douglass
  80. Adrian Lee Oliver
  81. Eric (@EricsElectrons)
  82. Gary Lamb
  83. Walter Hudson
  84. Sight of Minds
  85. Christian Watson
  86. Gothix
  87. Manning Johnson
  88. Kimi Katiti
  89. Corey Drayton
  90. Quisha King
  91. Clifton Duncan
  92. Kemi Badenoch

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