Bevelyn Beatty: "A message to White people…"


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"A message to White people…" -Bevelyn Beatty

"Yes, my name is Bevelyn, and I'm an Uncle Tom."

Bevelyn Beatty is a religious young woman with her own point of view. She's doesn't seem to be an intellectual sort, but like the Black intellectuals in my "Black Thinkers Matter" posts, she's not buying the idea that she's oppressed and needs to look to white liberals or black men like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson to lead her out of bondage.

Note added July 19, 2020: Since I shared Ms. Beatty's video she has behaved in a very dismaying way, defacing the Black Lives Matter mural in front of Trump Tower in New York, in a quite hysterical manner, and inadvertently injuring a police officer, even as she was crying out "Refund the police!". I don't condone what she did, but I fear that this is a harbinger of things to come as people who believe in law and order and respect for property rights feel more and more helpless watching cities burn, riots run rampant, and neighborhood takeovers, while too many local governments stand to the side in approval or in fear, refusing to do the job that governments properly exist to do.

The BLM mural she defaced was painted on the street with the participation of the mayor of New York. But Ms. Beatty believes that Black Lives Matter is a bogus organization that is hyping up a false belief that cops are out to get blacks specifically, and that blacks are still a victim class - which she does not believe. She believes that BLM has an ulterior political motive, and that if black lives were really their concern they would focus primarily on the problem of the high violent crime rate perpetrated by blacks against blacks, because that is a far greater threat to black lives than the cops. She's angry that the focus is deflected from the greater tragedy to the lesser one and that racial tensions are overblown and thereby exacerbated by the BLM narrative. So perhaps when she saw the mayor of New York joining the BLM in painting the mural on the street in front of Trump Tower, that was one straw too many and she just lost her grip.

But I don't know this woman, her personal issues, or anything that may have played into her actions except what she had to say in her video. Perhaps we'll learn more later.

I think her crack-up expresses the frustration and anger of many people, white and black, over how the far left plays on race instead of trying to solve real problems. Is police brutality a real problem? Of course it is. There are bad cops and burnt-out cops, and sometimes good cops make tragic mistakes. There are also bad laws that lead to injustice. And all of that badness and error rains down on black and white and brown people alike. All of that needs to be attended to. Playing the race card ignores the fact that people of every race suffer at the hands of police corruption, errors and bad laws. If you're a white family who has wrongfully lost a loved one to a policeman's gun or knee, you're going to wonder where the protests and outrage are for that injustice. The name of your loved one most likely never was heard outside of your local news. Because he or she was white. And that doesn't serve the far left's political strategy.

When people say "All lives matter", that is what they mean.

Added embedded version of video. Will work in some browsers only.

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Black woman DESTROYS Black Lives Matter mural

Lucas considers what Bevelyn Beatty did was counter productive, as I do. But he doesn't address the underlying feelings of helplessness, frustration, and anger that are boiling under many people's self-control. The people he criticizes for applauding her are not thinking critically or strategically when they applaud, but they are responding from their sense of justice and outrage. They've watched cities burn and people pulling down statues of all kinds of historical figures (not just confederates, either). Then there's the Chaz/Chop, where people were allowed to run the police out of a neighborhood and take over 9 blocks. They've seen people's - including black people's - businesses be destroyed by burning and looting after having been put under financial strain for weeks because of the cov-19 pandemic.

And the ongoing violence was kicked off because a lot of people believed that the cop who killed George Floyd did so out of racism, and that when blacks are killed wrongfully by police, it is because of racism, because police and the system do not value black lives as much as other lives. And BLM has magnified this belief instead of bringing other evidence to light that shows that bad policing victimizes people of all races. Which it does.

If people were aware of all the nationally unknown whites that have been wrongly killed by police, in similar circumstances to the well-publicized killings of blacks, would riots have torn cities apart at George Floyd's killing? Would so many people have had such huge losses as a result - including some additional tragic deaths? Or would people be pulling together, peacefully, to address police malpractice in general?

The people who know about these issues perhaps should not cheer Bevelyn Beatty's over-the-top actions, but those actions look like a tiny payback against an organization that has only stoked the fires of outrage that led to these additional tragedies and losses. The people who are angry at BLM are (mostly) not racists who don't care about black lives. They're angry because they think that BLM is a fake and are only using black lives to push another agenda. They aren't thinking about how nutty Bevelyn's actions appear to the world, but how much BLM deserves to have just this wee bit of their "property" defaced, given how much massive property destruction and additional damage to spirits and bodies their narrative hath wrought.

I see Lucas's point, and I don't want to see more people relieve their frustrations the way Bevelyn Beatty did. But I don't want to see the book thrown at her, either.
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I like Tim Pool's take on this topic:

Hero Emerges Among Trump Supporters, Bevelyn Beatty Splashes PAINT On BLM Murals CHEERING For Police



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About last night, want to give you a quick update...

Okay, this is Bevelyn Beatty's followup on her vandalization of the Black Lives Matter murals. Yes, more than the one in front of the Trump Towers.

Beatty says several things in this video that are worrying. She is an evangelical Christian, and she considers that she is called to destroy the works of the devil. But HOLD ON, people.

Please hear me out.

I am sick and tired of people not listening to each other - really listening - and asking all the questions and honestly and carefully analyzing issues together. WE CANNOT AFFORD THIS ANYMORE.

We never really could, because the past has brought us to the present.

I'm an atheist, meaning I do not believe in the existence of a literal god. If I were to find sufficient evidence that added up to proof in my mind, I would change my mind. But so far, no dice.

However, I have a lot of Christian friends. We have our disagreements, but we agree on the most important thing of all: everyone has the right to their life, liberty, property, and their pursuit of happiness. No one has the right to initiate force against anyone else or to use fraud to get what they want. Live and let live.

That's the formula for peaceful co-existence, and even friendship.

I do not know how Bevelyn Beatty's views the fact that LGBTrump has been favorably posting her videos to their Facebook group, or that not all atheists are socialists or communists or even ordinary Democrats. I don't even know if she knows these things. The most visible LGBTQ+ people today - the ones who are likely to be most noticed by someone like Beatty because they're the most worrying - are the ones with the most militantly anti-Christian, anti-God, bake-me-that-wedding-cake-or-I'll-sue-you views. It's going to be the ones who are pushing the most irrational, anti-free speech, anti-individualist, anti-traditional family, fake anti-racism messages. These are not people who are live and let live souls. And, by my lights, their viewpoints and actions are "of the devil", even though I don't literally believe in one of those. They're against my rights, too. They are not upholders of liberty for all.

And they play into the stereotype of the Biblical view of homosexuals as the monstrous people who came to Lot's house and demanded to have sex with Lot's good-looking guests (who happened to be Angels). Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of total moral corruption, not just because a few people preferred sex with their own... But in real life, a society that gives in to complete moral corruption, destroys itself. You cannot have a society that turns ethics on its head and penalizes virtues and expect it to not go down the drain.

But Postmodernism has brought us an ever-growing faction of anti-objective, anti-reason, anti-individualist, anti-family, anti-white, fake anti-racist - and yet self-righteous - self-made morons who look an awful lot like the fully corrupt morons of Sodom and Gomorrah. They are turning ethics on its head. They have to be fought.

So until I know what Beatty thinks "the works of the devil" includes and how she intends to destroy them, I'm not going to make any assumptions, nor will I condemn her.

Yes, she says some mean things about gay couples.

I wonder if she would be saying that if it weren't for the far-left, out-of-their-freaking-minds LGBTQ+ people that steal the stage from all the calm, reasonable, responsible LGBTQ+human beings that support the US Constitution/Bill of Rights, and who don't want to dissolve the foundations of the traditional family or of a free, productive, free-market, non-dissolute society?

We all need a free and ethical society. Those of us who know that need to communicate with each other, not fight each other. If we save our society from those who aim to tear it down, then we can sit together, secure in our freedom, and argue about our differences.
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