Bob Woodson: How the 'defund the police' movement will affect the battle against crime


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How the 'defund the police' movement will affect the battle against crime

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EXCERPT from Video: "... But we at the Woodson Center have demonstrated for the past 22 years, when you mobilize grass roots leaders that are indigenous to these communities, and they serve as moral mentors and character coaches, and they can take these young people and change their attitudes, values, and behavior, like the Alliance of Concerned Men in Washington D.C. and other groups around the country - we really need to invest, not in social workers, but grass roots leaders that have the trust and confidence of the young people so we can redirect them from the inside out.

"We've taken a community that was 53 murders in a 5 square block area because of a gang dispute, but we went in and we mobilized those young people and bring them together so they were transformed from predators to ambassadors of peace, and they brought about a reduction in violence from 5 murders in two years to one in 12 years..."

Comment: While this video is about the dangers of defunding the police, to me the most compelling part is the excerpt I've presented in the quote above. It's a most important part of the solution, in my opinion, to the problems many in black communities are facing, police-wise and otherwise.

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