WHY THE LEFT SUCKS - A Black Man's Perspective


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WHY THE LEFT SUCKS - A Black Man's Perspective

Web Page Blurb: "Hey everyone! This video is my perspective on why the left sucks. Yes, this is a black man's perspective, but I prefer to be seen simply as a man without the need to focus on the race label, but I know how effective it can be for delivering a message.

"The #Blexit movement was started by author and political commentator/activist Candace Owens and I agree with its core value of expressing to blacks and others that it's okay to not vote blue. Brandon Straka started the #WalkAway campaign, a campaign that I'm a fan of for how it has provided an avenue for people who've struggled with the left to come together and tell their story, and I encourage everyone to check these movements out for themselves, check out the countless walkaway stories of everyday people. This video is my #WalkAway story."